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Weaving Products & Accessories: Ashford: Weaving Looms: Knitters Looms
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Knitters LoomsPortability comes in two sizes!

The Ashford Knitters Loom is available in 30cm (12inch), or 50cm (20inch) weaving widths.

Fold-and-carry flexibility means you can conveniently take the loom anywhere with the weaving still in place.

Featuring nylon warp stick ties (for a smooth even warp & fabric) and a reed with extra-large slots and eyes for fancy & funky yarns (7.5 dpi - 30/10 cm). Smart blue handles, cogs and pawls lock in place while carrying.

Includes weaving instruction booklet, reed 7.5 dpi (30/10 cm), 2 shuttles, 2 threading hooks, 2 clamps & warping peg.

The Knitters Loom Carry Bag is a durable, padded carry bag with full width zip for easy access. Strong shoulder straps and 4 pockets for yarns, shuttles and weaving tools.

Knitters Looms - Products
Code Description Our Price view cart
KL3CB Knitters Loom 30cm Carry Bag $57.00 buy now
KL3COM Knitters Loom 30cm with carry bag. includes second heddle kit $329.00 buy now
KL3LS Knitters Loom 30cm Loom Stand $181.50 buy now
KL5CB Knitters Loom 50cm Carry Bag $73.50 buy now
KL5COM Knitters Loom 50cm & Carry Bag Combo $359.00 buy now
KL5LS Knitters Loom 50cm Loom Stand $184.50 buy now
KL7CB Knitters Loom 70cm Carry Bag $117.50 buy now
KL7COM Knitters Loom 70cm & Carry Bag Combombo $425.00 buy now
KL7LS Knitters Loom 70cm Loom Stand with braces $192.50 buy now
KLSSB Knitters Loom Stand Brace Kit, for KL 30 & 50cm loom stands $44.00 buy now

Knitters Looms - Accessories
Code Description Our Price view cart
HSKL Handle Set for Knitters Looms (incl handle, cog, pawl and pin) $12.40 buy now
KL2HK Knitters Loom Double Heddle Kit $56.50 buy now
PUS367 Pick Up Stick 367mm for KL3 $8.05 out of stock
PUS567 Pick Up Stick 567mm for KL5 $9.10 out of stock
PUS767 Pick Up Stick 767mm for KL7 $9.90 out of stock
RDKL030025 Reed Knitters Loom 30cm / 2.5 DPI $34.50 buy now
RDKL030050 Reed Knitters Loom 30cm / 5 DPI $34.50 buy now
RDKL030075 Reed Knitters Loom 30cm /7.5 DPI $34.50 buy now
RDKL030100 Reed Knitters Loom 30cm / 10 DPI $34.50 buy now
RDKL030125 Reed Knitters Loom 30cm / 12.5 DPI $34.50 buy now
RDKL030150 Reed Knitters Loom 30cm / 15 DPI $34.50 buy now
RDKL050025 Reed Knitters Loom 50cm / 2.5 DPI $42.50 buy now
RDKL050050 Reed Knitters Loom 50cm / 5 DPI $42.50 buy now
RDKL050075 Reed Knitters Loom 50cm / 7.5 DPI $42.50 buy now
RDKL050100 Reed Knitters Loom 50cm / 10 DPI $42.50 buy now
RDKL050125 Reed Knitters Loom 50cm / 12.5 DPI $42.50 buy now
RDKL050150 Reed Knitters Loom 50cm / 15 DPI $42.50 buy now
RDKL070025 Reed Knitters Loom 70cm / 2.5 DPI $50.50 buy now
RDKL070050 Reed Knitters Loom 70cm / 5 DPI $50.50 buy now
RDKL070075 Reed Knitters Loom 70cm / 7.5 DPI $50.50 buy now
RDKL070100 Reed Knitters Loom 70cm / 10 DPI $50.50 buy now
RDKL070125 Reed Knitters Loom 70cm / 12.5 DPI $50.50 buy now
RDKL070150 Reed Knitters Loom 70cm / 15 DPI $50.50 buy now
RDV3 Vari Dent Reed Kit, 30cm FOR KL3 $99.00 buy now
RDV5 Vari Dent Reed Kit, 50cm FOR KL5 $114.00 buy now
RDV7 Vari Dent Reed Kit, 70cm FOR KL7 $124.00 buy now

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