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Fibre Products: Yarn for Weaving, Knitting & Craft: Weaving Yarns

A collection of fine weaving yarns from Europe.

Weaving Yarns - Products
Code Pic Description Our Price view cart
CC504 504 Colcolastic Cream / 50gm $14.50 buy now
CL401 401 Cottoline Black / 250gm $34.00 buy now
CL402 402 Cottoline White / 250gm $45.00 out of stock
CL404 404 Cottoline Cream / 250gm $45.00 out of stock
CL408 408 Cottoline Red / 250gm $45.00 out of stock
CL435 435 Cottoline Lime / 250gm $34.00 buy now
CL452 452 Cottoline Rust / 250gm $34.00 buy now
CL463 463 Cottoline Brown / 250gm $45.00 out of stock
CL466 466 Cottoline Blue / 250gm $45.00 out of stock
MC301 Cotton Black 100g $29.95 out of stock
MC302 Cotton White 100g $29.95 out of stock
MC304 Cotton Cream 100g $29.95 out of stock
MC308 Cotton Red 100g $29.95 out of stock
MC324 Cotton Lilac 100g $19.50 buy now
MC335 Cotton Lime 100g $19.50 buy now
MC337 Cotton Teal 100g $29.95 out of stock
MC350 Cotton Moss 100g $29.95 out of stock
MC352 Cotton Rust 100g $29.95 out of stock
MC357 Cotton Berry 100g $19.50 buy now
MC363 Cotton Brown 100g $29.95 out of stock
MC365 Cotton Yellow 100g $29.95 out of stock
MC366 Cotton Blue 100g $29.95 out of stock
MC373 Cotton Dusty Pink 100g $29.95 out of stock