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Fibre Products: Fibre for Spinning, Weaving & Felting: Premium Merino Wool Sliver

Micron ~22, Staple length approx. 7.5cm (3ins).

The Merino sheep is found on New Zealand high country sheep stations. It's wool is very soft with a closely spaced crimp. The sheep are well cared for and are not mulesed. Spin a fine woollen yarn using the long draw or a worsted yarn using a short draw. Merino is ideal for super fine knitting, crochet and lacework. Available dyed or natural.

All prices are per 100 grams.

Premium Merino Wool Sliver - Products
Code Pic Description Our Price view cart
MSAM Amethyst $9.95
MSAP Apricot $9.95 buy now
MSAU Aubergine $9.95 buy now
MSBL Blue $9.95 buy now
MSBP Blueberry Pie $9.95 buy now
MSBS Bean Sprout $9.95 buy now
MSBU Butterscotch $9.95 buy now
MSC Cheesecake $9.95 out of stock
MSCC Cupcake $9.95 buy now
MSCF Candy Floss $9.95 buy now
MSCH Chocolate $9.95 buy now
MSCK Cookie $9.95 buy now
MSCR Cherry Red $9.95 buy now
MSFG Fern Green $9.95 buy now
MSG Grey $9.95 buy now
MSGJ Grape Jelly $9.95 buy now
MSGT Green Tea $9.95 buy now
MSHY Honey $9.95 buy now
MSI Indigo $9.95 buy now
MSIC Ice $9.95 buy now
MSL Liquorice $9.95 buy now
MSLA Lavender $9.95 buy now
MSLG Lagoon $9.95 buy now
MSLI Lime $9.95 buy now
MSLM Lemon $9.95 buy now
MSM Magenta $9.95 buy now
MSMT Mint $9.95 buy now
MSO Olive $9.95 buy now
MSP Purple $9.95 buy now
MSPY Pansy $9.95 buy now
MSRB Raspberry $9.95 buy now
MSS Scarlet $9.95 buy now
MSSK Skin $9.95 buy now
MSSM Spearmint $9.95 buy now
MSSS Strawberry Shortcake $9.95 buy now
MST Tangerine $9.95 buy now
MSTO Toffee $9.95 buy now
MSTU Turquoise $9.95 buy now
MSW White $9.95 buy now
MSY Yellow $9.95 buy now